They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought that instead of blowing out my breath, I'd throw a few (hundred) pictures at you instead. A collage or a scrapbook of sorts chronicling the state of affairs. It was kind of fun collecting these pictures. I was on Pinterest and I just got this urge to start saving them because I wanted to do this, so… here I am! All of the photos can be found on the Pinterest board Character Inspiration by h. grace, so photo attributions can be found there. (Except for the food and scenery photos. Those I've picked up through the years and have NO idea where I got them. Sorry!) I am not going to bother with each and every picture.

CAUTION: There are a few NSFW (Not Safe For Work, read: slightly pornographic or containing profanity) photos in here, because this is my blog and these are my deepest thoughts, and, well, they run a bit dark and sexy. Sorry. You've been warned. There's only a sprinkling, though. Like, 8, in the midst of the, what, 100 others? And I made sure to keep it cleaner than I might otherwise, because I know there's some of you reading this who are more sensitive to that kind of thing than others (i.e. no penises, no genitalia, and no full on boobage. I gotcha. No worries ^_^).

How things are between me and Drogo right now

How (who) I (still) am inside

How Drogo is

How life feels right now (for the most part)

The things I yearn for and miss the most

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