There's been a lot of shit hitting the fan lately.

Still happy with my life, my marriage… but less happy with my life. My chronic illness life, that is.

My anger, deep visceral rage, is surfacing.

I will not be optimistic and pleasant about this. I hate everything to do with this pain, this immobility, this… *spits on floor* disability. 

I've been listening to these 4 songs for the last 24 hours. They're strangely comforting slash slightly disturbing slash expressive of the simmering fury that is percolating in my bones.

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  • Catherine | June 15, 2014 at 6:41 AM

    Be mad. Let it out and don't let it fester inside of you. Be pissed as hell, spit on the floor.

    I wish there was more I can say, like "it will be ok", or "I'm sorry", but those seem entirely wrong to say right now. They seem dismissive, and typical, what everyone says. I know that because that is what I hear all the time too.

    I think the only thing I can say is I'm here. I'm here through the long hall. If you need to vent, talk, email, I'm here. For reals.

    Love, C

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