Tubular Thursday

So Tuesday was crazy-- doing a load of hand-wash laundry, practicing for the concert, taking Juneaux to the vet for his limp, meeting with my sponsor for the first time... Madness. By the time I got home, the internet was off, so I never got to post my Tubular Tuesday.

That's okay-- I just had to wait until the next "T-day" came around! :)

Triumphant Tales

- I got a job, like a real person.

- I've had a series of "good days"

- I can play my guitar solo without looking at my fingers

- I've got my favorite shirt almost mended

- I'm stepping into a new "chapter" in my life (scary? yes.)

- I'm almost 23. I halfway didn't expect to live this long.


- Enhanced perspective

- Individuality

- Families

- Racquetball with friends

- Juneaux

- Herbal tea

- Safe people

- Mercy and justice combined

- Less stress about finances

- God

Thoughts to Ponder

- Not everything is my fault.

- I am not responsible for other's thoughts, feelings, or actions. I am responsible for mine.

- I am talented. Yes, I am.

- Love is the bedrock of it all.

Tuuuuuuubular, dude.

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