Tubular Tuesday

I know I've been lax on keeping up this tradition. It's really something I enjoy- it helps me focus on the positive. So, I'm doing my best to make this tradition consistent. (Otherwise it wouldn't be a tradition, would it? ^_^)

Triumphant Tales
- I've started and maintained the wood stove fire all by myself!
- Got a lot done at work yesterday
- I've checked off several "big" things on my Getting Ready To Go list
- I'm having consistent time with God in the mornings (even if it is just reading a devotional and praying, it's better than nothing!)
- I've come to see myself with a little more clarity
- I survived the crazy hecticness of the past two weeks!!

- Juneaux. He's such a love-bug. He cheers me up.
- A job (present and future)
- God's provision for my future.
- Closure on the tentative relationship
- Sisters and 5 hour drives to talk
- Friends and family
- The sense of being wanted as people realize I'm leaving

Thoughts to Ponder
- Living one day at a time has its limiting factors- cease worrying about the future.
- My feelings do not dictate who or what I am.
- God cares for me very much, and I am precious to him. Always.

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