Rain, rain, go away...

I'm pretty much sick and tired of hearing how fearful and tenuous my future is as a young person in America... how tax increases, economy plunges, and job cuts mean that there's no way in a full blue moon that I'm going to be able to pursue a higher education, or have a family, or even really survive.

I know my bread and water shall be sure... but how about my tax bracket?

I hate economics. And politics. Take me HOOOOOME!

In addition, I'm also fighting against myself. To be, or not to be, that is the question, quite seriously. I am swirling in a maelstrom. I already know that I'm no good, so if I act that way, can I really truly fear that You would abandon me? If I'm already no good, then what's the point of a charade? Regression, take me away... Maybe I will stumble across the secret of relational intimacy as I cease to be a mere reflection of what is deemed proper. Do I hope to find safety in personal expression? Perhaps. Maybe just a little fulfillment... some hope.

God, that's supposed to be where you come in. *Enter God, stage left*

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