Zoe and Sheila

This past weekend, we've found 2 dogs. (Really, J found them.) One is a beautiful collie-type, whom we've named Sheila. The other is a pitiful border collie we've named Zoe. She is grossly pregnant, and missing alot of fur, including most of her tail. I cried the first time I bathed her. Her sparse, brittle fur was coated with dirt and infested with burrs and seeds from living outdoors. Her teeth are few, and some are ground down to the gums. And yet, despite her deplorable condition, she is patient, kind, and obedient. What a sweet girl.

Sheila is a sweetheart, too, but an attention hog. When J found her wandering down the road, she was sopping wet and coated in mud. Now, after 2 baths and a trim, she is gorgeous. Her tail is an absolutely majestic plume of thick, soft fur.

I hope that we can find a good home for Sheila, and that we can help Zoe. I'm going to take her to the vet today. I'm praying that we don't have to put her down, but if it comes down to that and a prolonged suffering for my sweet girl, well, then... the choice is evident.

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