A simple "No" would have sufficed.

The sky outside is a pale, pearlescent grey, shedding cold tears that soak the earth with sorrow. I love the rain, and the grey, yet the condition of my heart casts a sad explanation over the acts of nature.

Why? Why me? Of all people? On one hand, I'm grateful, because no one ever deserves to live through such prolonged, debilitating agony as that branded upon my psyche and soul. If it had been one of the kids and not me, why... I don't know. On the other hand, I'm... indignant? No, that's not sorrowful enough, and too pompous. I'm... grieved? Yes, but with a little more dismay and pessimism. Add a dash of determined denial, and that fairly well describes it.

Oh, C, how can I number you among those fiends? You were so good to me. You brought the first taste of unconditional love to my starving soul; you wooed my affections so... you brought me to life. And yet, it was tainted, tarnished, and underlyingly ugly later on. And then, after I left... How can you possibly fit the same  profile as that knave I am ashamed I ever called father?! He was no more a father to me than a murderer can be called friend. But you... I loved you with everything I had. How could you betray my innermost being in such a way?

And so the rain drizzles on morosely, echoing my heart's cry of anguish and disbelief. Yet, in the distance, the grey parts and a brilliant blue waltzes merrily about the sky. Perhaps there is hope for me, yet.

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