Stayin' Alive

'Sup? I'm alive. Still. That's good news, right?

Still recovering physically from the trip and the unbelievable emotional low it brought… I will get the courage to blog about it soon, I'm sure. Maybe next week when I'm in the big city again for rheumatologist appointment (squee! I got in early!) and am hanging in the hotel with nothing to do besides internets. (I'll be going up with my grandparents who, conveniently, already had plans to be up there Tues-Weds for meetings my gramma has. So I'll just go up with them and spend the night and enjoy a little vacation ^_^) I'm sure it would be more entertaining and less energy consuming to just Pinterest, though, so that may happen. Heh.

I can't believe time has flown so fast and it's only 2 days until my birthday! I'm looking forward to my party with more than the normal fervor, simply because this week has been filled with so much apathy and despair. On a positive note, that night of drinking with my friend went well. I didn't get all drunk like the last time I drank, and I wasn't by myself so it was way more fun, but they did and we both were all flirty and affectionate and it was nice. We have both sibling-zoned each other so hard it's not even funny, but we're also both comfortable enough with our current relationships and each other to crack jokes at each other on a regular basis. Not physical flirting, mind you! No, my lovin' is reserved solely for my husband, but I am becoming more of a cuddly person with those I consider my very close friends, of which this person is one. My flirting isn't gender-exclusive, either. I flirt with my close friends of any gender and sexual orientation, so long as they're comfortable with that. I would never flirt with Rose, for example, because that would just be awkward. She's not that kinda gal, and I respect that. Also, I'm sure I'd never flirt with the Musician, because she is my sister and not just a close friend that I consider to be sister-like. That, too, would be awkward.

Anyway, just a quick update, I suppose. Let y'all know that I'm still here, still alive, and just working my way closer and closer to my birthday with a growing measure of excitement. Kahl Drogo doesn't read this, so I can say it here… I plan to go out and get him a brightly colored t-shirt for the party hehehe. And maybe something sparkly, if I can convince him to wear it. In any event, something bright, because he owns nothing bright. I wish I were exaggerating. He's also not bought new t-shirts in the entire time I've known him, except for work undershirts. That means 10 years of the same shirts… which is fine, because he takes good care of them and they're hardly wearing out at all. But… I think it's time for at least one new one. Especially if it's bright and happy :D

Note: Remember, if you need nicknames and who is who, check out the post Appellations.

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