There is so much more to do than what my energy or pain levels allow for. Here it is, 2 am, and the house is still not tidied and we have not bought groceries for the week. Blaaaaaaah. I also have not dyed my hair back to red yet. I'm thinking that's not going to happen before my party, as I desired. Neither have I redone my toenails or pummiced my heels like I wanted. I just need a pedicure, someone else to do it for me! Hehe.

I splurged yesterday and bought some clothing more applicable to my size at Goodwill. Got a discount from the cashier because I asked for it after she found out it was my birthday soon. It was her birthday that day, as a matter of fact!

We got the ingredients for my friend the Mermaid to make the cakes for my party tomorrow night, and we're both almost a little too happy about it ^_^ She loves to bake, I love to eat. A match made in culinary heaven.

Pain's been bad. I think it's the weather. I am so determined not to let it ruin my fun, though, if only for these few days. I know and am sure I'll pay for it, but… I can't let this illness, whatever it is, completely dictate my life. Not every day. Not all the time. I refuse to let it completely ruin my life. So, party it is. And then a trip to the big city. Oh my god, am I gonna be destroyed… and it pisses me off that I know this in advance and know that my misery will increase. Beh.

Anyway… birthday! Party! Woohoo!

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  • Catherine | March 8, 2014 at 10:10 AM

    Happy soon birthday! I hope you have an awesome day, in spite of your pain. I went through similar things for my birthday. I wanted to do my toes, dye my hair, make a cake, etc. But it didn't all happen. Still, I had fun, even though I paid for it later. It was worth it.

    My therapist told me this a while ago and it changed the way I thought about my pain, he said: You are going to hurt regardless, why not just do the things you want? --I knew this, but it hit me in a new way and changed my perspective.

    Take pictures if you can! I want to see your cake too!

    xoxox, C

  • Fantasticness | March 8, 2014 at 10:39 PM

    Yay, cakey deliciousness! XD Happy Birthday, Chickadee <3

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