Par-tay! Par-tay! Par-tay!

So. Birthday party! It was, naturally, not as bright and sparkly as I would have so desired, but it sufficed. As with all things of life there were pros and cons, disappointments and happy surprises.

I was running pretty low on energy the day before and the day of my birthday, but with Drogo's help I accomplished everything that was of the utmost importance (including checking on the status of my insurance now that I'm magically 26!), and it was a fun night.

I was upset, looking back on the pictures, at just how, um, rotund I have become. It really, really bothered me because I had been okay and accepting of it before-ish, but seeing it all in your face like that? Kind of a shock. Anyway, we're working on my rogue thyroid and trying to get me all stable, but that's not what this is about right now. All muffin-tops aside, we had cake and spontaneous pizza and soda and just a grand old time. Unexpectedly, I got a few presents which was awesome. I also got a few donations toward the Celebirthsary, which is rad.

Here's a few pics from the night.

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