Ehermagherd, khitterns!

For those of you not involved in my little Facebook sphere (sorry, I forgot that there are some of you out there), there is big news! Stray cat Muffin brought her babies to live in our back yard. Did I talk about this already? Fibro fog, sorry. I could go back and check, but that involves additional tabs and eh. So anyway, just thought I'd leave these pics here for you, because kittens make everything okay again, yes?
A day or two after Muffin brought them to the yard, I went out to check on them and found the kittens overwhelmed by the heat, one almost overcome by heat stroke. I made them a box and brought the whole family inside.

Muffin and the kittens the day that I brought them inside

From left to right we have Biscotti (the dark semi-stripey one), Cortes (the white patchy one), Bob-Milo (orange) and "Taco" Tuesday (black)
 A few days later and they're already growing rapidly, all of their eyes are open, and they are getting to the rough and tumble play and chew on each other stage.

 Cortes is on the left, Bob-Milo and Tuesday in the right corner, and Biscotti on the bottom right, under Muffin's leg.

Of course, that made me remember this meme, which I will end with (just for you, OE!).

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