No Appointment

I got all gussied up to leave the house and go to a dermatologist's appointment this afternoon (read: showered and blow dried my hair and put on mascara, double read: expended huge amounts of energy to look presentable!) to find out what that weird rash dealie is on my chest and neck that I've been dealing with for about a year now. The last dermatologist wrote it off as ringworm, but that's so not it because a.) the treatment didn't work, and b.) it's highly contagious and Drogo doesn't have it, nor do any of my friends who come into close physical contact with me. So there.

I made it to the office on time only to be informed that, while I am in their system, I was not scheduled for an appointment. While this is frustrating in any event, especially when you cancel an appointment and forget or something like that, there's one "minor" detail here that makes things somewhat comical.

They called me.

I've never been to this office before. They are a referral from my GP, and they called me to set up the appointment. I simply wrote down the info that the lady on the phone gave me. The guy at the window said he'd make calls and see where he could squeeze me in with cancellations and whatnot, but I told him not to bother for today. I had other medical related errands to run, and I told him that I have very low levels of energy and just coming out to the office had pretty much used up my supplies of energy for the day and I wasn't able to just wait around or go home and then come back out. I am not physically up to that kind of thing. (Not to mention that my car is out of gas.)

Oh the joys of being a professional patient. I wish I could say this was the first time something like this has happened to me, but… it's not. It's rare, thankfully, but it does happen. How it happens, I have no clue (because really, you called me! I still can't get over that!!), but it does happen. Have you ever had an experience like that, either medical or non-medical?

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