Watching: Eureka, some anime with Drogo, and Cirque du Soleil.
Reading: Just finished Blade of Tyshalle. Don't know what I'll start next.
Listening to: The shop fan in the bedroom.
Thinking about: The pain, why it won't go away or abate somewhat, how I need to eat something, how much I don't want to eat anything...
Making: Probably some herbed rice. I steamed some rice earlier in preparation for this. Sometimes I just craaaave savory, and I don't have much savory in the house.
Planning: How to make sure I don't run out of pain meds early. Possibly getting drunk, and how to acquire some pleasant tasting liquor. (Peppermint schnapps is effective, but I dislike the taste of straight schnapps.) Wondering if there is such a thing as pleasant tasting liquor...
Feeling: Sick. Pain. Longing. Pain.
Loving: When my muscle relaxers kick in super well and I am unconscious for hours.
Looking forward to: Massage next week. Next pain doc appt to get stronger meds. My next visit to the ER. Think I can hold out for 2 weeks? Three? Three weeks is my next pain appt.

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