So my mom is bipolar.

Yeah, that kind of threw me for a loop as well. I guess it makes sense… but the funny/weird part is that I've been questioned several times on whether I am bipolar or not as well. My psychiatrist, though, says he thinks not. I'm just very… expressive, and I have a wide range of emotions. *Whew!*

And my sister is back in the hospital, because her drug counselor felt that with all of the stressors in her life right now she might swing towards suicidal tendencies again, so he advised her to check herself in while she was still doing "okay". That makes sense, I suppose. Kind of like a preemptive strike. I'm really glad she's getting the help she needs; I hope Mom can, too.

As far as real life goes, I've been sleeping most of the past 2 days. Drogo's truck A/C went out Monday while we were running errands at the peak of the day (just how the timing worked out), and it was probably 111. The heat really got to me, it would seem, because when we came home I went to bed and didn't really get back up until today midmorning. I found out when I woke up around 11:30 last night that Drogo's truck broke on the way home from work. Fortunately, the parking lot he pulled into, which was literally the next available turn he could take, was the lot of his brother's apartment complex! Fortuitous, no? At any rate, that has me kinda panicked because I've got an emergency appt with my pain doc tomorrow, and it's going to be $120 at least. 

We are literally hand to mouth right now; I don't know how we're going to pull this off… except that the mechanic Drogo goes to is real good friends with Drogo's dad and holds the whole family in high esteem, so I think they'll do a payment plan. Just like the chiropractor I've had to see a couple of times in the past week and a half-- he was a teacher of mine while I was studying for massage therapy, so he is extending me a special circumstance payment plan dealie. I was his best student, and we've always gotten along well, plus I trust him as a doctor more than any other chiropractor in this town. Did I mention that I figured out I had subluxated my ribs along my mid back while I was in the hospital? I don't know how you can knock your ribs out while just laying there, but the bed was kinda hard… And then yesterday, while sleeping, I did something to my hip. I'm hoping it's just a pulled muscle and that I didn't subluxate that, too! Wouldn't surprise me, though, with the type of EDS that I suspect I have.

So that's me and my woes. Life is good, though. Drogo is still working, we've got food and so do the cats, and they are hilarious and the light of my life. Gramma will be taking me to the pain doctor tomorrow, and her car is fairly comfy, but the best part is that I know for certain she'll cover gas expenses! Their car is pretty new, and it's nice, so it gets good mileage. Besides, we couldn't take Drogo's truck now even if we wanted to, and it was an emergency appt so he doesn't have the time off. It'll be good to have Gramma with me. She's new to the world of chronic illness and pain, but she and Grampa have both been troopers. She has been with me during several very disappointing and unsatisfactory appointments so she knows the emotions of that, and it was while I was staying with them after the hospital that I found the intractable pain clinic that gave me so much hope and led me to this pain doc. I was legitimately crying tears of happiness, hope, and relief when I brought the information in to tell Gramma and Grampa about it, so it'll be neat for her to come along and actually see the fruits of that.

I accomplished several things this morning, and I'm tired again, so I think I'll tuck in for a bit of a nap. Fingers crossed about my appointment tomorrow! I sincerely hope we can find a combination that both controls my pain and doesn't shred my intestines all bloody.

Oh, hey, real quick-- I wore my tiara to the chiropractor's because it was a tough day, and on the way out his wife/the secretary gave me a magic wand to go with it! It's an iridescent pink fabric heart with some pink ribbon streamers on a slim, pink ribboned dowel. I intend to bling it up further, and take it with me when I go back of course. I just thought that was really cool of her. ^_^

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