Currently I am...
Watching: Farscape, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, whatever movie strikes my fancy. (Today it was Sherlock 1+2, the Robert Downey, Jr. version.)
Reading: Just finished Wise Man's Fear (again), currently reading The Dragon Book (a compilation of short fiction from various famous authors). I'm technically still reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, but I'm still stalled on that one. It got very, very dry and annoying, but maybe I'll get back into it sometime soon Looking for new fiction to pick up.
Listening to: The sound of Drogo's fish tank pump. It's like a mini waterfall. Soothing.
Thinking about: Whether or not my pain is severe enough to warrant another pain killer, upcoming dr's appointments and my great hope-trepidation-nervousness, whether or not I can get Drogo to have sex with me tonight (and how to go about doing that), and that I should drink more water tomorrow.
Making: A bowl of cereal, but I ate it. Making art- painting my walker.
Planning: Dr's appts, what I want to clean tomorrow, seducing my husband, products for my store.
Feeling: Content, painful, worried, nervous, hopeful, fearful, proud, frustrated.
Loving: A tidier house (by a margin), my bathtub (at least 3 hours a day soaking away the pain, or trying to), AZ Green Tea, fresh fruit, motivation, visits from friends, encouragement, evening walks, creative juices flowing again.
Looking forward to: Cleaning my bathrooms, seeing the pain doctor (even if I am super nervous-fearful-hopeful!), FINALLY applying for disability, painting more on my walker and pill bottles, finding new books.

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  • Catherine | July 13, 2014 at 5:55 AM

    Love this. Totally get the figuring out how to seduce game. Also, stop reading the book if it isn't your thing. I hate doing that but am doing it with a Stephen King book that is just not my thing (11/22/63). I can't even remember the title so no wonder I wouldn't like it! ;)

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