Birthday Card

My sis J sent me an ecard, and the message is so beautiful that I want to remember it always. Sooooo... I thought that, if I write it down here, it won't get lost! I just wish that I could convey the beauty of the music, as well. It's such a pretty piano piece.

The card itself says,
"God created you... every little detail about you. He gave you life and special gifts to fulfill a unique purpose in this world... a mission He planned just for you. God knows you better and loves you more than anyone ever could.

He is your wise Father and faithful friend, who takes great joy in you.

Celebrating you today and hoping you remember that God celebrates you every day!"

The note from J at the bottom says,
"My dear C,

I couldn't help but think of all the pictures you took of our grapes when I saw this ecard. It reminded me of the artistic talent God gave you for capturing life on film (digital film, LOL). I admire your skill. Keep it up!

I hope that this will be an extraordinary birthday for you! I know you've been going through a lot of emotions and feelings lately, and I pray that this birthday will not only bring laughter and joy, but healing as well. I wish we could spend it with you (although we'll see you in just a few weeks!!).

Eat an extra piece of GF dessert for me.

Love you sis,

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