Bakery cakes and invitations sent

Well, got all the long-distance invitations mailed out today but one. I'm still waiting on the address for that one. And D, C's dad's gf (figure that one out! lol) has been texting me about the cake. I was just going to pick up a cake from the Fry's bakery, but she and R have taken over monetary responsibility for the cake, and she seems to really, really want to go to a "real" bakery to get the cake made. I don't really care, since I won't be eating it, and if it's a big deal to her then I may as let her go for it. I mean... she did say that price doesn't matter. (A direct quote from a text.) So, sure! She can go to a bakery if she wants! lol This is the cake we want (but with white chocolate shavings on the ganache as well).

I'm still trying to absorb the fact that I just sent out our wedding invitations. It seems like I keep running up against these moments that hit me with the reality, once again, that this is really happening. I never made it this far last time we were engaged. So it's all kind of new to me.

Plus we've begun working on the ceremony. It's still in the VERY fledgling stages, and I'll probably do more thinking on it as I walk tonight, but still...

We're making a wedding.

Good grief.

I wonder if it's this momentous for everyone who gets married??

Edit: Found this comment on a post over at A Practical Wedding, and it really spoke to me, especially  given the sentiments I've been expressing/feeling lately with all this wedding stuff...

"MARINA writes:
This is what wedding planning was for me–a series of choices that would have seemed small any other time (what to wear, whether to rent plates or use disposable, what freaking color of envelopes to put the invitations in) taking on really significant meaning and becoming epiphanies about how I want to live my life. It was really, really hard, and I frequently felt ridiculous (seriously, I spent several hours trying to choose between off-white and ivory envelopes), but oh my it was worth it to get to the epiphanies."

Oh. Okay. Guess I'm not the only one! :) Emphasis mine, btw. 

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