I had just finished writing on Offbeat Bride about how I was anxiously awaiting the invitations' arrival. To quell my restlessness, I mosied outside to check the mail, and let out a big WHOOP! when I realized that the invitations were sitting in my mailbox right in front of my eyes!

I'm so stoked! I'm going to go address them right now. No joke. I can actually have all the long-distance ones in the mailbox tonight, because I already bought the stamps and sealing wax and all that.

So, on the agenda for today: address and seal wedding invitations, do homework, and continue to fight off this respiratory infection that has me in its grip.

Oh, and one more thing that's got me shivering with excitement! Well, okay, two things.

Firstly, C and I began working on our ceremony last night! I'm excited :) It's happening, y'all, it's really happening! Do you SEE how many exclamation points this post has?!

Secondly, my friend agreed to be our officiant, and C's on board with it, too! The best part is that this man is an actual certified Jedi. Yes. We are going to be married by a Jedi.

I feel like the best fiancee ever just writing that. "Why yes, my nerdy darling, I scored us a Jedi to preside over our wedding. Aren't you glad you're marrying me?" LOL

I'm just so excited over how much fun this is going to be-- a wonderful, eclectic blend of formal, hippie, nerd-gamer, and traditional. Yes. It's going to be fun. So, so much fun.

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