Hiking through molasses

Today... is like hiking waist-deep through molasses.

Or, for those in cooler climes... like making the trek up to Stanley in 3 feet of fresh snow, posting at every step.


But it's okay, because I have that doctor's appointment the day after tomorrow!

And you know what? I managed a hike with friends this weekend!

But you know what? This joint stuff is starting to affect my shoulders, elbows, and... my wrists and hands. An arthritic massage therapist? Oh, dear... (It's getting my ribs, too, which is a little weird, but hey, whatevs.)

I'm just grateful that I have a few hours to accomplish things before my next class. Like studying. Switching the sheets on the bed. And stringing white christmas lights all round the top of our room :) So even though I'm moving through molasses... I've got the time to do so.

Oh, yeah. I ought to shower some time today, too. Heh.

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