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Settling on my dress took me both more and less time than I'd expected. The problem is, I like beautiful things. And wedding dresses are, by definition, beautiful things, created to make you look beautiful (ostensibly). I both did and didn't want the big, froofy white dress. I mean, seriously, when else besides a costume party will I ever have a chance to dress up like the fairytale princess again? I'm one of those that actually want that "princess vibe", I guess.
So I saw a dress that took my breath away, a lovely and slightly unconventional Justin Alexander creation. Problem: it's in super high demand, and since my dress budget was/is on the "department store" side of things, it just wasn't going to happen. Until, that is, I found a delightful seamstress through Etsy who was willing to make the dress in my price range, and in grey to boot! I hadn't bought the dress yet, because I hadn't saved the money, but that was the dress. I mean, I was sure of it. I even found shoes. (For eight bucks. At Goodwill. Thrifting FTW!)
I don't even know how it happened. Though I had found "the dress" that I wanted, I was still window shopping like a woman possessed, because what if I found a dress that I liked better and had that "aha!" moment after I'd already ordered the one I liked? That would be a travesty!! Also, did I mention that I like beautiful things? I mean, it's not like I wasn't going to use the dress again, but... what if?
So as I'm cruising along Etsy one day, I somehow came across armstreet (Shameless plug:, and fell in love with their "Autumn Princess" dress. I mean, in love. But... it's flax and linen. And green. And not... a wedding dress. Won't my more traditional fiance be appalled? It's not like I care whether it's a "wedding dress" or not, but this is so obviously NOT a standard wedding dress that I at first tried to think of ways to make it more "wedding-y". Could they, perhaps, make it in the natural off white flax? And maybe with a different trim? (Though I think now that the natural flax and green trim would also be stunning.) After several days of clicking back to that particular dress at least 6 times a day, I finally came to grips with the fact that I loved this dress. And I will wear it so much more often than the other froofy princess-ier dress. (Hello, Ren Faire!) And it looks fantastic in green. And I happen to look good in green. And it's slightly cheaper than the other dress. And seriously, how romantic would it be to wear my wedding dress to the very Ren Faire that we began dating at?
So I finally embraced the true speakings of my spirit and bought the dress. (Once I had enough money, of course.) It was a little sad, putting away that hopeful princess that I'd carried around for so long, but I've realized that I'm really more of an Irish princess, anyway. And besides, princesses have to keep their elbows off of the table and all other sorts of annoying things, so it's just as well.
Since I settled on and subsequently ordered my delightful green gown, I haven't looked at other dresses. I was afraid, I guess, that I'd get buyer's remorse. I already had some pretty heady and slightly complex issues come up after buying my dress in the first place, mostly having to do with money and the spending thereof, and I didn't want or need any other complications.
However, the past couple of days I've found myself window shopping again, even after ordering my dress. I see these frothy white concoctions, or their slim ivory counterparts, and you know what?
I am so, so satisfied with my choice. It is an echo, an outpouring, of who I am. Yes, I could play the princess for a day. I've kind of always wanted to. But rather than indulging just one aspect of my self for one day, I've found a way to encompass multiple aspects of my self in a way that will last for much longer than a scattered day or two. Also, helpfully... my mate is fine with my wearing green down the aisle. Also also? The dress is called Autumn Princess, for crying out loud! I will be a princess, after all.

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