1000 Gifts

41. A cup of yummy tea from my bestie.

42. Fall-scented candles.

43. Dishes stacked in the sink-- means that not only do I have food, but I had the energy to put it together.

44. The mood struck, and the decor got switched from fall to winter-esque.

45. Handmade quilts.

46. Group with my girls.

47. Pain killers.

48. Automatic snuggling by hubby when I roll over into him at night. (He doesn't even realize he's doing it. He's asleep. That makes it even sweeter.)

49. Goodbye kisses.

50. Wrapping gifts for my family-- I was able to afford some things for them, even though I have such a limited income.

51. C's awesome presents that I was able to afford.

52. Finding a treasured possession that I thought was lost for good.

53. Coming across my wedding dress while rummaging through my closet. Brought a smile to my face and warm memories to mind.

54. D's lily bloomed before I left.

55. Day after tomorrow is my big trip!

56. Warm clothing.

57. My loving kitties.

58. A tidy house.

59. Dungeons and dragons with friends.

60. Red hair.

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