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This is "David" the plant, and the lily that bloomed today.
I've been anxiously awaiting the blooming of this particular flower. I sincerely hoped that it would open before I took off to go see the fam, and I was rewarded today for my patience and hope. I texted all of the S's to tell them about it, and then I went to D's fb page and left him this message:

"I have a plant named "David". Actually, it's a collection of plants, all in one basket. It was at your memorial service, and the ladies didn't have room to take it back to Id with them. Actually, I wanted it anyway, since I didn't have anything to connect me with you, really. K got your guitar, J got your Bible and I got...? I know I'm not your real daughter, but I still wanted something of yours to hold and remember you by.

Well, the plant is flourishing. I feel like it's fitting, since you were such a plant guy, that my connection to you should be plants. It's doing so well, in fact, that it sent up a flower, a pure white lily. I've been anxiously waiting for it to open, hoping that it would happen before I left for the month. After all, I never did get to see my tulips bloom, either. Not once. But the memory of talking over the pros and cons of the various kinds with you and your obvious pride in my selections is enough for me.

It opened today. I think you'd be proud of me. Your girls and C all agree that you would, and that's enough to bring me to tears. I want you to be proud of me. I miss you. I miss you so much! I am always crying when I come on here to write to you! It's funny. But not. Because I miss you... so much. I'm glad I got to see your lily open."

The kitties love being outdoors. That's Juneaux by the table and Coraline in the "grass". (Weeds. They're weeds.) When I wake up I open the back door for them, and they come and go throughout the morning. When C wakes up I shut the door and open our bedroom window. Since it doesn't have a screen, it's become the "cat door". C has plans to get a screen for it and then cut a hole in the back door somehow and install a real cat door so they can come and go as they please. He wants to get them to the point where they go to the bathroom outside and we no longer have to have a litterbox. We'll see about that one. The ground is too hard for them to want to do their business out there, I think. Hard packed. Not diggable.

I'm slowly but surely preparing for my big trip back east. I got my packing list all spec'd out, and I wrapped/prepared for packing all of my Christmas presents last night. I also finished the sorting of the HJ's massive stash of handouts, and I will put together a binder of pertinent handouts for J to have. Hopefully it helps her. She seems to be looking forward to taking care of me while I'm there: painting my toenails for me, making me tea in the morning, cooking for me... It is going to be strange, allowing myself to be taken care of. I am so used to being the caretaker and peacekeeper for my family. I've been the second mama most of my life. And now... now I'm basically helpless. All I can do is offer emotional support and what wisdom and lessons I've gleaned through the years. Then again... everything works out alright. Maybe this is exactly what they need right now, when they're all so broken... Maybe they need someone to take care of and nurture who will love them for it, to heal the sadness within themselves. That's what Juneaux did for me while I was facing down my demons. Maybe this is just right. We shall see.

I have been much more stable emotionally these past few days. I think C was right, and that the accidental withdrawal from my antidepressants was affecting me more than I realized. It does help tremendously to stabilize me. I have also identified the trigger for this round of suicidal ideations, and that is the anxiety of running out of pain killers. I have to consciously stop myself from worrying about what will happen when I run out and thinking about trying to survive without them; I cannot think about how sick I will become and how overwhelming the pain will be. It's too much. I have worked out a few possible options to make sure that doesn't happen (all legal, thankyouverymuch), and now I will let the matter rest. I will deal with it if it comes up, but then and ONLY then.

So now I will finish my chick flick while putting together J's binder and drinking delicious tea from my bestie J. I think we've finally worked out my being able to see her after all! Suh-weet! Her family is so wonderful and understanding. I got this message from her yesterday:
"My dad's response to learning about the situation with your appointment - "Ah Birdie, we completely understand and would want her to do this at any cost.
Work something out with the airline, but if not, well, we support the industry; may it 'live forever'.""

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