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I've been home with the folks for a few days. Things are crazy here, and I am looking forward to going back home. Don't get me wrong; I love my family, and I'm happy to be with them. But just about everything is in a state of upheaval and unreliability that is hard for me to handle, especially now that my health demands such handling with kid gloves. The pain has been really, really bad since I came, and my pain killers are just not touching it anymore. The pain and sickness that I had to deal with when I ran out of meds while back home is my baseline here. I think it's part weather, part stress, part recovering from what was an unexpectedly difficult trip out. In a few hours, I'll be heading back to the emergency room to see if they can help me. (I was there two days ago.) It's not like I can just head back home to see my own doctors... I don't even have a rheumatologist anymore :-\

Mom doesn't have internet, which means that my lurkings on the web are far and few between. We're sitting in a Starbucks right now, but I'm ready to go home. Think I'll wrap this up and climb back into bed to sleep for a few hours, if I can.

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