The kitties know something's up. Coraline is more of a shadow than usual, and Juneaux is alternating between feisty, needy, and shadowing me.

I gave C one of his christmas presents early... as in, tonight. It came in the mail today and I just. could. not. wait. I think my getting him stuff is more for me than for him! lol I love to give gifts, what can I say? A friend of mine from the massage program came over today to give me a full body massage, free of charge. She not only needs the practice, she is concerned about my health and pain levels and wants to help. I had a present for her, as well, which she opened. It was a hot and cold stone massage kit, which was perfect because she had been borrowing the instructors stones and now she has some of her own! It even has an ambient music cd with it. She was thrilled, and I was ecstatic at how well it fit her wants and needs. :) I LOVE making people happy!

There is drama on the home front... Not mine, but the far-flung home front that I will be traveling to. I'm half wary of going, half super excited about seeing the folks and being the emotional support that I know they need. I just feel super ill-equipped for this. Can I really make a difference? We shall see...

I'm done packing except for toiletries, which I will put away after I take a shower. (Apparently my mom's new house doesn't have a shower yet! Or a fridge. I'm a little concerned about creature comforts... but she has a couch, a bed, and the house is well heated. And allegedly the stove was going in today. Heh. I do love adventures!) So, off to the shower with me! Perhaps it will help to alleviate some of this accursed pain! (I so way overdid it yesterday. But it was worth it, I think. But oh man... ouch!!!)

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