The Wrong Person

Dear God,

You probably never feel this way, but... yesterday I felt like I was the wrong person.

Not that I messed up, or did the wrong things, but that, well... I was just the wrong person.

Too boisterous. Too noisy. Too happy. Too goofy. Too exuberant. Too "ghetto". Too unprofessional. Too unpolished. Too unsure of myself. Too attracted to certain guy. Too inadequate. Too... everything. Not enough... anything.

Who I am is just... wrong.

Why can't I be someone else, just for a little while? Just to see if I like it. Just to see if I do better.

The voice in my head is starting up again.

God... are you okay with who I am? Did you really give me this personality? Or am I doing life wrong? (again?)

Is there such a thing?

Because I can handle disapproval of my exuberance and cheer if only I know that you're okay with it.
Then it doesn't matter... even if they are Christian.

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