Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Outside my window... It's dark, but I know that there's a slight, chill wind. The colorful leaves have dropped from the trees, and winter is making a charcoal sketch of the landscape.

I am thinking... of what all I need and want to accomplish in the next few days, before work strikes again. I'm also thinking of how good our Adventurer meeting was today, and how worth it it is... inconvenient or no.

I am thankful... for today. For responsibilities (they're a sign I can be trusted, no?). For friends. For cell phones. For scented wax warmers.

From the learning room... I know what to do in case of a downed power line on my car now, even if the car catches fire. There's an upside to teaching kids about safety-- you learn about it, too!

I am wearing... wool socks, grey capris, large hunter green shirt, larger red flannel shirt over top, and headphones.

I am going... nowhere in particular. (Wow. Haven't said that in a while!)

I am reading...  about the origins of holidays, esp. Christmas. It basically has nothing to do with Jesus. At all. And everything to do with the pagan gods of yore. Bummer.

I am hoping... that D will find it within himself to allow a modicum of communication to pass from himself to me once more. Hoping that my paycheck is sufficient to cover my needs and yet be able to save some money for gas to get down South.

I am looking forward to... getting this whole Christmas concert OVER with.

I am hearing... Nothing. I've got my headphones in, but I stopped listening to music, for some reason. I guess I'll turn the Brothers Frantzich back on.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Clean my car. Thin out my belongings (again). Begin calling churches around the area of my school to see if anyone's willing to put me up for a few months. Working on scholarships/financial aid stuff for school. Visiting a friend. Working on Christmas concert plans. Planning for the next Adventurer meeting (again). Work. Possibly a dr's appointment. Racquetball. Work on Christmas presents. That's probably about it.

Here is a "picture for thought" I am sharing:

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