A few of my favorite things...

Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod.... It huuuuuuuuurts!

But I'm okay. Yeah, really, I am.

I mean, I am. I've accomplished all that I wanted to for the day already (mostly- I'd like to clean the bathrooms, but I think we can all agree that this may not be happening today), which makes me a badass.

I wish I could drive. I want more movies from the library.

Ah! Did I mention my new kitty, Coraline?

She's kind of a bitch. But I think she'll get over it. She's like my sister, K-- lots of hissing and growling, but underneath she likes affection. I've only had her since yesterday afternoon, and already she's a lot braver and more affectionate, so I have good hopes for her. She's also fat. Ok, ok... overweight. She likes to lay with her hind legs sprawled out on either side of her, so she just completely flattens out against the floor and looks like a giant black blob LOL. She has a small, dainty head, so I know that when she loses the weight she'll be a pretty little thing. I mean, she's pretty now, but... hefty.

And did I mention my new(er) hair color?

I know, I know. Smokin' hot readhead, coming through. Try to control yourself, if you can.

I'll wait.

By the way, those "favorite things" that the title mentioned? (Besides my cats and my red hair?) Pain killers. Hell to the yes. Now kick in, my pretties...

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