Hum drum

It's raining outside, which is grand. Lots of lightning. I sat outside watching as the storm rolled in and over. It's still coming through, and I definitely feel it, but the exhilaration of the lightning makes up for the high pain levels, fever, and nausea.

I've spent the day watching movies. Nothing terribly exciting happening in my life of late, which is good. No news is good news, eh? I did manage to hook up with a friend who has the same neurologist as me and who will be traveling to the same hospital up north for further investigation. This means that C and I will be able to hitch a ride with her and her husband, rather than waiting to save up the gas money ourselves. That's a relief, because it was going to take a while if that were the case, and I'd like to get this twitching thing addressed as soon as possible. It's a bit... intrusive, shall we say? I don't know when it will hit, and it's dangerous for me to be driving when it's really going crazy.

Um, yeah. That's pretty much it. Just been trying to work as much as possible lately, even if I feel terrible. (Which I have.) I could just lay around on the couch (which I do), but I also want to be... contributing to the welfare of humanity somehow... not to mention the household budget. And truly? I love my job. Ah, now I remember the blog post that's been floating around in my head... not so much of a "post", really. More like my musing upon a particular thought. But isn't that what all of this is, anyway? Just my words, spilling out of my brain and into cyberspace. (I do wonder about readers, sometimes. If you're listening, leave a comment? The stats say that there's folks out there, from other countries even, who pop in. It'd be cool to know... kind of like stamping my passport, you know?)

Well... that's all folks. I'm going to knock out some housework, maybe take a soak, read some... basically just kick around until C gets home. If he gets home. He's been picking up extra shifts lately, so sometimes he stays until the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, I'm usually in bed by then.

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