"Cassandra's Good Qualities"

I had mentioned briefly that, in doing my moral inventory, I found it very, very difficult to write down the good things about myself, and good things that I have done. The bad things? Those were hard, because I hate looking at and admitting to those things, but the good things are even HARDER! Who would have thought? I guess I'm just used to thinking of myself in sort of a twighlighty sort of way-- not too bad, but not that great. Like the dusk of the day, it is neither dark nor light. Anyway, while I was at church yesterday, the family decided to compile their own list of my good qualities, to make it a little easier for me :)

1. Good at befriending people

2. Sees the positive in people (not judgmental)

3. Creative in music, crafts, photography

4. Artistic eye for photography

5. Talented in music

6. Witty

7. Loves animals/tenderhearted

8. Motivated

9. Determined

10. Adaptable/flexible

11. Balanced

12. Shows progress/determination in healing

13. Deep thinker

14. Intelligent

15. Good massager :)

16. Loves young people/desires to help them

17. Perceptive to the needs of others

18. Encouraging to others

19. Gifted speaker

20. Good communicator

21. Modest and tasteful in apparel and appearance

22. Creative in cooking

23. Energetic

While I do take issue with some of these (I have a very hard time thinking of myself as "balanced", for instance, because I see myself as so off kilter alot of times... though the family explained that they meant it as the balance I show in not being fanatical on either side of the spectrum), I agree that they fit me. I would LOVE to be the person described here! She sounds like such a great person to know. I would be her friend, for sure. She sounds... fun, yet compassionate, strong, yet not overbearing. How I would love to be that person.

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