To sleep or not to sleep?

There really is no question. I like sleep too much to skip it. But I've stayed up so long now that I kinda don't want to go to bed... I'm enjoying exploring my new computer, and making a movie for Kels, and I don't have to work tomorrow. It's my therapy day. So, shoot, why not stay up late? (Because it's not good for your system that you're trying to bring back into balance.) Oh... right. Heh.

My foot is broken, I'm sure. The vibrations from the car make it hurt worse, and Janelle broke the same bone a few years ago and experienced the same puzzling symptoms. Hence, I go with my initial gut instinct and proclaim it a fracture. I will endeavor to procure crutches sometime this week, and avoid bearing weight on it (since it has only seemed to get worse, and not better, as the time passes by).

And, oh, yes! I have a Macbook Pro now, completely paid off, and mine, mine, all mine! I'm excited, because God totally confirmed to me this weekend the calling to school for social work, so I know that I'll be using this baby quite a bit. I ordered a Zagg-skin to protect my investment, which I'm also excited about receiving, because I customized it so that each surface displays a different picture. The top cover has a stunning photo of the Orion nebula in lots of pinks, the wrist rest has another picture of the Orion nebula (but with a blue hue), and the bottom will display the Vulpecula nebula in all its fiery glory!

Speaking of fiery glory, the fall foliage is absolutely stunning right now. I so thoroughly enjoyed my drive to and from Montana, just because of the fall leaves.

Okay. Seriously. I'm tired. Just delaying, is all. I wonder what I'll dream about tonight?

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