Safe and sound in Montana, staying with my dear friends. I think this weekend will be good for me... a break from the front lines, so to speak. I'm still trying to figure out this "healthy relationship/family" stuff. Talking with J helped me to put alot of stuff into perspective, though. I really need to sit down, think it through, and get it onto paper. It's not that my new family are bad people, it's just that I'm not used to dealing with family life in a healthy, appropriate manner, and there are still some bugs to be worked out. But this I do know: isolation and withdrawal never solves anything. So, once I work through this, I think it will be a very healing thing for us to talk it through as a family and walk through this together, arm in arm. (Oh, I hope it works out that way...)

Until then, I am glad for the respite of a spare bedroom. Boundaries, how am I confused by thee? Let me count the ways...

I just finished making a GF flatbread that looks pretty good. The proof, however, is in the pudding, so I must wait until tomorrow to find out how good it actually is. :-)

Also, I saw Dr. Ferril. He says he's proud of me, that I'm looking healthy, and to remember that this is a journey (much like the emotional/spiritual journey I'm on--he didn't say that, but I drew that conclusion myself... something I do on occasion.). So, playing with the levels of the different hormones is basically what's going to be happening for a while, and, as long as I'm strict on my allergies, my GI tract will continue to heal and better absorb the hormones and nutrients of my food, further increasing my healing. It's an upward spiral!! And thank goodness. I'm so thrilled to be seeing progress in my health. Interestingly, as I delve further into my past, and the decisions I've made (as well as the decisions that've been made about me), I can understand why my body broke down in such a way. It takes so much effort to live in denial, and my poor body was under so much stress with all my baggage! *Sigh* But all that is past, now. God is in control, and I am healing. Praise be.

Time to go play guitar.

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