That's right. The depression abates, and life moves forward, as I knew it would.

On the bright side, I got my state and federal taxes done because I didn't feel like leaving the house. And my FAFSA filled out.

And then I did leave the house and I got a job interview and I bought bread mix and made bread and got sick again. (I can't seem to knock this thing... or maybe it's just stress?)

So, yeah. Life moves on. God still works. He's not dependent upon my moods, thank goodness.

A couple of nice, long walks in the desert helped to cure me, as I knew they would.

There is a range of mountains not too far distant that I intend to spend at least one weekend in come this summer. I think I'll hike over, camp out, and hike back. It should only take me a couple of hours to reach them.

I'm so proud of my mom and how she's moving forward in her healing journey, and so proud of R as he supports her. God is really healing my family... it's an answer to prayer. Even if it's painful.

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