Beautiful Wilds

WOW, has life calmed down.

I'm fighting that nasty flu thingy that's sweeping the nation, the one that I battled off semi-successfully back in W. Gramma and Grampa are still recovering, but if there are comparisons to how badly we were all affected, let's just say that I got a squeeze on the hand and Gramma and Grampa got a piledriver from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Or Hulk Hogan. Or maybe they were tag-teaming and somehow got mixed up and both of them did a flying leap from the side of the ring at the same time and basically just flattened my grandparents. In any case, they got it bad, and it still comes back in waves. Dr.s say it takes about 3 months to fully work through it, and it's only been 1.

I only have intestinal stuff to work through, and some fatigue-- I've been sleeping a LOT-- but, really... what's new? LOL There are upsides to having a chronic illness that involves your intestines. No flu can beat you, 'cause you know how to cope!!

It's just weird, being settled down again. I'm all unpacked, except for my craft stuff. I still haven't gone through and organized my clothes closet by color spectrum yet, but I intend to do it tomorrow, as well as fully spread out my keepsakes and bring in some of my books. Right now the bin's outside, so I think I'll bring it into the covered porch so cats don't spray on it.

I went for a hike today in the mountains east of our home. It was nice, about 2 1/2 hours. I felt great afterward, and I realize just how much I've missed the desert southwest. Oh, yes, the woods and mountains of the northwest have captured my heart, but this is where I was raised. The mica, shale, and granite are my bones, the cleanly scented wind is the blood that courses through my veins, and the bright shafts of cholla and saguaro are the laughter bursting from my throat. I love this country.

I really think that I might be happy anywhere I settle. There's always some beauty to find that does something to me... I know that because, even though the mountain fortresses are my delight, the gentle, sweeping rise and fall of the prairie sings out a song to me like a siren. They make me itch to ride those dusty, endless roads over the horizon, just to see what's next.

Every place has some kind of magic to it, if you'll just pay attention.

(So long as it's not a city. Heh.)

And this Monday, I'm meeting with the director of the agency that I'll be working with. Enough lazing around-- we've got work to do! I feel strange not being "useful"... just going off on hikes. Like I'm on vacation or something. But no, it's time to be productive.

I just need to make sure I get hiking in at least 2-3 times a week. Gotta get in shape for Mt. Whitney.

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