I'm effing dying!

As the title says, I'm effing dying.

Well, actually, I'm sitting up and eating rice, which is an improvement.

I've been sleeping a lot, which is a blessing, because then I don't feel sick or in pain. (Well, actually, I do, but I don't have to deal with it, because I'm sleeping.)

The infection symptoms are aggravating my fibro symptoms, so I get to be sick and in a flare. Or maybe the infection symptoms are just so similar to my flare symptoms that I'm confused. Who knows. Either way, this suuuuuuucks.

But I've had a fun time distracting myself by browsing through Chronic Illness Cat memes. I think only those who've been there will understand and/or find it funny, but I've been wrong before.

Here are some of the ones I found especially funny...

This one is funny to me, because I also know my pharmacy techs by name!

And that's why I'm eating rice. I actually wasn't sure I had enough spoons to get the rice cooker going... but I did! Celebrate! Aaaaand... collapse. ;)

So I'm actually hungry right now. This is good. I'm going to go eat more rice. Maybe put a movie on. Try to stay conscious until D brings me water and bananas. I have such a nice brother in law.

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