My, oh my, do I just feel trampled by good ol' fibro.

Yesterday was actually a good day. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they do still exist! I was in pain, to be sure, but I felt strong and happy despite it. (Strong being a relative term lol) The fatigue was at bay, and I felt like a semblance of a normal human being again. You know, one who does more than one "thing" a day?

So I went window shopping in a favorite store yesterday morning after dealing with medical insurance issues, where a kind sales lady asked if I would like her to hold my staff up at the front until I was done shopping. She mistakenly thought that it was an item the store was selling! We both laughed once we realized what had happened, and I was allowed to keep my stick. Fortunately for me, my initials are engraved in silver above the leather wrapping, so it's proof that I'm not shoplifting. That kind of mistake has happened a couple of times lately. I guess people aren't used to someone walking around with a staff.

I kicked butt in yoga class, though I did make sure to listen to my body, honoring my practice. I rested when I needed to and modified what moves I needed to, but I was also able to push myself a bit, and I felt stronger for it. Instead of barely making it through, I felt as though I actually moved forward a bit, if that makes sense.

Then it was off to work, which was fine, and after that Spanish class. I did start feeling a little punky during that class; a little feverish, definitely some pains and aches, some brain fog. It wasn't too bad, though, and I made it through class in good spirits. When I got home, I managed to do the dishes and make the bed before realizing that I had done enough and I was at the limit. I was very tired, so I took a quick little nap before C got home.

So yes, it was a good day. Sure, there was pain, but I'm used to that now, right? I didn't have to take more than my allotted share of pain killers, so that's always a good thing. If I had gone to bed early (like when I took my nap), I would even have taken less than usual.

Today, though, I am soooooo tired. I just am dragging, man. I want to stay in bed and sleep, all day. Of course I won't. I have stuff to do. But good grief...

It's interesting, though... It's been a while since something took the forefront over the pain. Yes, I'm achy and painful, but that's not what's bothering me the most today. And that feels unusual to me. Just goes to show what we get used to :)

I do think the acupuncture is helping, despite the hellish "healing responses" that I've been going through. Yesterday and this morning my rib cage was very painful, so much so that it hurt every time I breathed. She addressed that in today's session, and after I've woken up from the nap I took, the ribcage pain is gone. Very cool. I like being able to breathe without it hurting.

I'm optimistic about my process of recovery. Now that we know what's aggravating the fibro and are addressing it, I sincerely believe that it will die down to a manageable level. I mean, sure, it'll always be there and I have to be careful not to flare it, but I won't have to live like this anymore!

You have NO idea how much I'm looking forward to that. It would be like a miracle in my life.

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