I had quite the social, busy weekend (comparatively). C's rigorous run of scheduled overtime is over for now, so he's back to having two whole days off in a row, which means I get double the amount of time with him that I've had of late. It felt so luxurious! Anyway, I already wrote about our fabulous Normal Day on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were good days, too.

Saturday we didn't do much of anything except grocery shop and then hang out around the house doing our own various things. C played Guild Wars 2, I read book 2 of the Demon Cycle series again, and then our friends came over for the Pathfinder session M is running. C is still pleased that I finally joined him in playing DnD (I know, I know, Pathfinder isn't technically DnD, but whatever, ok purists?), so even during the times when I am tired and don't really feel like playing I do anyway, if just to make him happy. I usually find that I end up enjoying myself after all, so it's a pretty win-win situation.

This weekend, though, our friends brought a new girl with them, A. She and non-DM M and I had a hard time shutting up and actually playing, much to the annoyance of the guys. Ah well. They can suck it. Now they know how it feels when they are gabbering incessantly about DnD stuff when we just want to have normal conversations. We played for a few hours, then I ran off to get ready for my "date" with a girlfriend of mine. There was an after-Halloween costume party at a couple of bars in Old Town, so we suited up and headed out. I'd never been to a bar with a friend before, and guess what? It's totally boring. Neither of us drink, and I don't dance, so we just kind of explored the building, watched other people dance and drink for a few minutes, then decided to go somewhere and have tea. We ended up at this cool little 50's style diner that's been around forever, yet I've never been inside until that night. She had tea, but I fell hard for their vanilla cola, which is basically regular Coke with a few squirts of their vanilla syrup thrown in. It was much sweeter than store bought Vanilla Coke, and I loved it. We sat and talked for probably about 3 hours, discussing our lives, telling funny stories, learning about one another and how we both intimidated each other at first (sound familiar, J?) and didn't think that the other wanted to be our friend (again, sound familiar?)... we also told stories on the two guys, C and D, 'cause she and D have been friends since pre-school and even dated at one point. Needless to say, she knows him well and hilariously. He and C are pretty similar, so I'm almost surprised that they get along as well as they do. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that. It was a good, fun time, and I feel that we made a big step forward in our friendship.

The next day, I wasn't near as sick or drained as I thought that I would be after the activities of the previous two days which was excellent. A came over and brought both sets of Batman series movies, and we watched the only one I hadn't seen yet, The Dark Knight. C and I watched about half of The Dark Knight Rises when he got home, and a lot of stuff made so much more sense after seeing The Dark Knight! Anyway, while we were watching the movie A was struck with a craving for steak, so she zipped to the store and then cooked up some steak for the both of us, leaving a tidy little portion in the fridge for C who was pleasantly surprised when he came home from work. I ended up taking two couple-hour naps yesterday, but I was able to do some yoga, stretching, and brief (very) light exercises last night, even after socializing for several hours. I did feel it later, though, when I was unable to do as many of the dishes as I wanted because I was in too much pain to stand.

Today I cleaned the kitchen, though I'm definitely feeling the backlash from that and need to be careful not to overdo it. The nausea that I had been so overwhelmed with has eased up the past few days, and I'm so grateful for the good days that I had. I don't want to overcompensate and make myself sick, but neither do I want to fritter away the days that I can step up and maybe do a little more. I want to push myself, to refuse to give up, but yet to be wise and a good steward of my health. It's all a fine balancing act... and the rules seem to change day by day. Good thing I'm resilient and adaptable.

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