A little humor...

...never hurt anyone. Except me, on days like today, 'cause it hurts to laugh. Well, it kinda hurts to breathe, so the laughing pain makes sense... I think I need the sloth just below. I definitely need the sloth. Or maybe a slow loris... Yeah. I need a slow loris. For sure. It's been a rough day. This video literally makes me cry because it's so adorable. I just break down into fangirl squees and shed a few tears of joy. (I'm not even exaggerating.) It's those eyes. I'm okay until it looks into the camera. Then I just... dissolve. Every time. There is no way for me to be silent while watching this. I even start hyperventilating a little. This critter is that adorable. I just... ugh. I can't handle this thing. I can't.

And finally, the piece de resistance... what happens if you put a cat in zero gravity? C has asked that question several times lately while playing with Juneaux, and here's the answer.

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