Oh good grief.

I thought I had written a post the other day, but it turns out that I wrote it in my head and never actually typed it up. That happens more frequently than you'd think. Most of my thoughts vanish into the vapor without ever seeing the light of day, and considering how much I talk and write you can see the volume of thought that is constantly pouring through my head!

First of all, my husband is a fantastic support for me. I broke down when he got home and cried (of course) and ranted (naturally) and even went so far as to accuse him of not being supportive of me. I immediately apologized, and he accepted it graciously. He held me close and said, "Well, you're angry. It's ok." And you know what? He was right.

I hadn't realized that I was angry. I am angry. I'll have to explore that more in depth later, but I am angry. I'm angry with my doctor for not taking me seriously and not pursuing adequate testing and treatment options for me, for letting me get to the state of health that I'm in without really apparently trying to prevent this rapid decline, or even believing it. I'm angry that I hurt all of the time. I'm really angry about that. I hate it and I want it to stop. I hate that I'm losing the use of my arms and hands, and that I had to get a friend to drive me to my doctor's appointment because I couldn't lift my arms and I was twitching all over. I'm angry that, despite "treatment" and stronger pain killers (that I'm taking as prescribed!!) I'm still in so much pain that I've cried every day this past week.

Anyway, I then proceeded to vent some more, and we cuddled, and he affirmed me on my physical appearance as I requested, and all was well. Earlier that day I had practically crawled to my friend's pawn shop to take advantage of a dollar sale for Christmas gifts, and I spent about an hour there talking and laughing with two of my friends. It was definitely a mood booster, and even though I felt little better physically my spirits were lifted. Then when C came home and I was able to just explode with the pent up emotions I felt so much better. I was actually laughing and joking lightheartedly by the time I went to bed even though I still hurt badly.

Support systems. They're what will keep you going when you can't go any longer on your own. J, C, E, the M's... They've got my back. I'm so, so grateful for friends that carry me when I don't even have the strength to twitch.

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