Another day, another nap.

Still here; still alive. Just been sleeping a lot which is fantastic because I've also been struggling with a lot of pain. Fortunately the other side effects have been pretty minimal, so it's not as bad as when I'm in withdrawals/without pain meds, but pain is pain is pain and this all hurts pretty damn bad.

I have a new theory on some of my health problems which I will elucidate at a further time. Then again, I was also almost entirely positive that I had lupus, soooo… I could be wrong. It's been known to happen. Once. Maaaaaybe twice.

I'm experimenting with adding gluten back into my diet, as I am not entirely sure that I am actually gluten intolerant. I took myself off of it years ago to try to deal with some of the gut problems and other problems and it didn't really help, but when I "cheated" it seemed to be so much worse… but that could very well be because in the circles I ran in at the time whatever had gluten in it most always had soy in it as well, and I am very sensitive to soy. In addition to that, I didn't realize at the time that stress and emotional/mental turmoil messes with my guts big time, and there was certainly a lot of that going on at the time as well… so I asked J to bake me some bread and cinnamon rolls and send them to me. I know they'll be allergy free (well, besides the gluten, anyway) and not some processed junk out of a supermarket, plus I've heard rave reviews of her baking and never been able to try it before. I mean, if you're going to do science, do it with class right?

So that's that. I appear to have messed up my wrist earlier today when I leaned on it. That happens sometimes. I hope it'll clear up in a day or two… it makes typing difficult, and carrying things even more difficult. I'm especially annoyed since that's my book holding hand!

Here's hoping I can get some more sleep, because I am hurting like the dickens. Aren't you just dying to know my new theory on my health? Aren't you? Aren't you? Well too bad! 'Cause I'm going to go nap now. Hehehe. I can't give away all of my secrets at once.

(I'm watching Coraline play with some of the carpet fuzzies off of the cat tree… it's quite humorous. She's on her back with one leg sprawled over to the side like she does, practically bending herself in half as she arches backward to reach the fuzzy with her mouth when she pushes it too far away with her paw. When she finally gets it in her mouth she kind of chews on it for a second and then spits it back out again. The voice-over would go something like, "Pthew! Pthew! Ith in mah mowf!")

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