Expressions of love and other expletives

Fuck. Me.

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving around? Well, when I'm in pain. I don't understand this crap, I really don't.

Sorry for the abrupt shift in tone between my last post and this one. I'm less inclined to introspection when I'm being torn apart at the seams.

Get this: M had just left and I was happily playing on my computer when I realized that the kitchen light was on unnecessarily. I wanted to get up and turn it off, but my entire being ached and I just really did not want to move more than anything else. That being the case, I messaged B via Facebook because he was (is still, actually) gaming with C and talking to each other via Skype, which means that C has his headphones on and wouldn't hear me calling. So I messaged B and asked him to ask C via Skype if he would come out and turn off the light because I was/am hurting too much to get up and do it. A minute or so later I heard C laughing and he came out to turn off the light for me. (Did I mention that B is in a totally different country right now? That's what makes this even funnier.) I told him that I would do it but I'm really hurting, and he said that he knew and that's why he did it for me.

Maybe he's not into Valentine's day or elaborate expressions of affection, but that's the kind of thing right there that melts my heart and reminds me that "wuv, twue wuv, will fallow you fowevah…" Gotta love my Wesley.

Speaking of expressions of love, Juneaux is the best chronic illness cat I've ever had. He comes over to cuddle and will put a tentative, exploratory paw on my shoulder, chest, stomach, or thigh. If I allow or encourage it, he climbs onto me or onto the couch behind my head to snuggle, cuddle, and otherwise knead on me and rattle my bones with his purring. If I'm hurting too much to bear his weight or touch I simply tell him "No" at the exploratory paw stage and he will withdraw it and hunker down next to me to lend the support of his presence because he knows I'm hurting. Such a good kitty.

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