Well as it turns out, I didn't need to blog through my thoughts about what's going down with my honey. I just needed a good listening ear, sympathetic pats on the arm, and some words of sense that, yes, I already knew but needed to hear from another person. Most of my issues had to do with my being sicker than ever and wanting/needing more support from C in that regard. Mostly because I'm terrified and scared and lonely and overwhelmed. He stepped up admirably, and some solutions have been put forth that I find most satisfactory. Probably more on that later.

Also, the two M's are both making plans to vacate the premises within the next 6 months-ish. I am not pleased about this. However happy I am that they are moving on with their lives and getting out of this dead end town and pursuing their dreams and yada yada yada… I'm an inherently selfish person, and they are like, 8/10 of my support network here. They are, generally speaking, my rides places, my listening ears, my open hearts and arms, my dose of laughter when I don't feel like laughing and definitely when I do, my bawdy joke bandy-ers, and quest companions to both C and I in DnD and Magic. Whatever will I do without them? Just the thought makes me wilt inside. *sigh* But just because I'm settled here, likely for life, doesn't mean that others have to be chained here to suit my needs. It's just… why do all my good friends have to be at a distance?! J is all the way across the country, J and K and H are a full 24 hours' drive north, and the C family is hours north even of them… J and R are a state east of my family up north, my mom and the kids are all the way across the country as well, L is as far across the country as you can get from here (and is stealing M from me, that bitch! Kidding.), and E is too busy to come see me at all. If I'm not working with her I just don't see her, and we all know I don't leave the house any more.

My life is lonely. So lonely. That's part of what I was having problems with with C, is the sheer loneliness of my existence. Well, not the loneliness, but the inescapability of it all. He can comfort me and then go off and play games with B or D on the comp, but I'm stuck feeling awful. All day. Every day. It traps me, pins me to the couch or the bed, and there's nothing I can do about it that I'm not already doing. And who wants to ask people to come spend time with that?

How do I make new friends when these ones leave? They are taking pieces of my heart… but how do I find new people to fill the voids they will leave behind? It's not so simple for someone who is house bound, bed bound… Yes, I have my internet friends, but sometimes you just need someone to come over and be here with you, like M was for me last night. I'm happy for them, I really am, but I feel terribly selfish that this constitutes a personal crisis on my end of things.

Why do I have to be so all alone?

I guess it's a pity party. Why me? What did I ever do to deserve this? And I'm terrified, y'all. I'm so, so, so scared that this is my life, forever, for always… that I'll never get to really live life, not the way that I had always intended to. I won't get to travel. I won't get to work. I won't get to help people. I won't get to perform music. I won't get to raise a family. All of the talents and skills that I have are going to waste. My potential is withering like a sick plant because the body it is rooted in is inhospitable, toxic.

I realized the other day that, if I die (whether it's from natural causes, foul play, an accident, or by my own hand), C will be totally lost. It will destroy him. Do you know what it's like to basically be someone's reason for living? It's incredibly flattering, and it fills you with a sense of self-worth like none other. I mean, I'm his reason for living in a totally healthy kind of way, as in I'm his "true love" and I fill his life with meaning and joy, etc. etc. But I also feel bad because what kind of a life can I give him when I'm broken like this? He deserves so much more… Hell, I deserve so much more. We've had to deal with more in our first year of marriage than most people do in ten. I may be what gives his life meaning and dimension, as would the family that we someday hope to create, but… he kind of got gipped, I think.

I'm sorry. It just hits me sometimes… how sad I am about everything. I mean, I am such a bright, talented young woman. I am. But it seems like every single thing that I was, that I was capable of, is being systematically stripped away by this cocktail of sicknesses. My mental capacity and acuity that I was so proud of is falling by the wayside as forgetfulness and cognitive fog dominate my mental landscape. Often I have conversations of late that, later, I cannot tell whether they were reality or a dream unless there is some physical marker or transcript left behind. My vocabulary and spelling has taken a sharp decline, and I frequently struggle to find the "right" word, one that I know very well but cannot seem to access. I lose the names for commonplace things and events. The events of my own past are shrouded in mystery, lost to the gaping, fuzzy holes that have sprouted in my memory banks. It feels like my brain is made of swiss cheese. M remembers more about my life than I do because I've blogged it and he's read every single post, plus the events that he's actually been there for. J remembers more about my SOULS years than I do, more about our conversations… it's just frustrating to feel like a spectator to your own life.

All the things that I considered to be me… they're gone. Inaccessible. Stripped away, dulled down, tattered fragments. Who am I? What's the use of my even being here? At least I can still write, most of the time. My hands aren't that bad, not on a consistent basis. (Am I jinxing myself here? Ugh.)

It's just… it's just a pity party. An identity crisis. A sadness at losing two of my best friends to distance and the inevitable increase in isolation that will come with it.

On a completely different and random note, I watched Frozen yesterday, and it. is. awesome. A must-see. It's more musical than I expected, but it's very well done. Some of the songs get stuck in your head very firmly, such as "Let It Go". It's a short number, but powerful. I really like it. Here's the original song, and then here's The Piano Guys' interpretation of it, which is equally amazing.

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  • Fantasticness | February 28, 2014 at 5:14 PM

    I could tell M to stay with you. Or I could shanghai M and C /and/ you and we can all live in a palace of love and warmth and love and wonderfulness together.

    And the houses here all tend to have basements, so the "man cave" would actually be in an actual cave.

    I love you, Chickadee. So much. You are the big sister I'm claiming as my own (I guess I can share you with your other siblings, too) and I shall go forth at once to fetch the pearly-gray streamers and confetti to get this shindig poppin', as all parties of the pity variety, should.

    But, seriously, I can make M stay home.

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