Gluten free

Fun fact: I've been toying with introducing gluten back into my diet, so this past week I've been eating regular oats (which do not in themselves contain gluten, but oats are known to be highly contaminated by gluten containing grains in the production process), and have had no ill effects. Yesterday my friend E brought me some goodies from Sprouts, since she was in the big city this week and they have such stores there. I had asked for a certain brand of GF bread but forgot that they also make regular breads as well, so she came back with the flax seed bread that I had asked for… but the whole wheat variety. I figured it was as good a time as any to test out the gluten theory, so I had several slices of toast for supper last night, and some for breakfast. I am pleased to say that I am suffering no ill effects whatsoever, and no gastrointestinal distress or pain of any kind.

I think my gluten free days may be over.

I'm excited pretty much beyond reason. 'Cause oh my word… bread. And the possibilities are endless… I can eat baklava again! Desserts… I can have real cake or pie for my birthday!!!!! I can make a turkey sandwich. Did I mention desserts? Oh, and crackers. Crackers! Italian food. Lasagna. I can eat out at restaurants again! Olive Garden, perhaps? *gasp* I can eat eggplant parmesan again!

You guys… you guysPancakes.

Right. I'm going to stop now. I'm getting myself way too worked up. But man… I'm so excited.

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  • Jolene | February 22, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    Just a tad jealous. :) Just today, I was complaining (read: whining) to Will about how badly I've been craving sweets since Valentine's day. Chocolate cake... that's what I've been craving. And all my friends at the dental clinic keep bringing all these baked goodies (brownies, cookies, cakes, etc) and I CAN'T EAT THEM!! Yesterday I almost just chucked the whole "be a good girl" to eat the "Better Than Sex" cake that looked heavenly. Had just enough good girl in me to not do it. I did suffer later because I took a small bite. Ouch.

    Glad you can enjoy these delicacies now! Really, anything that can bring you joy right now has my personal stamp of approval! :)

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