Long Night

The kitten, Petra, slept with me for the majority of the night. It was a restless sleep for me, because I was worried about crushing her (she's so tiny!), but it was really sweet, because she cuddled right up to my side and stayed there. She started off in the curve of my neck, but I guess my stomach was the place for her!

This morning when I was showing her to Gramma again after her feeding, she burrowed into my shirt and splayed herself across my lower back. I've noticed she likes to be under things, next to warmth or, preferably, next to a person.

I did some research and ordered two books last night-- "Is The Bible True?" and "How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth". I hope that they help give me clarity and perspective in the midst of my confusion.

I did discover an alternate translation/paraphrase that my grandparents have stashed in a drawer, so I think I'll be using that for my quiet times for a while. Maybe it will help me get more out of it.

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