Nothing Day

I decided to see what a day of doing "nothing" was all about, so today I slept in, did some mindful breathing exercises, took a shower, read a book, made some supper (finally getting back into the swing of eating real food! Well, at least once a day...), and now I'm going to take a walk. (I may or may not have tidied the kitchen, done some dishes, and waged war against roaches. But that doesn't count!) I managed to do all that without having to interact with anyone, or even really leave the bedroom more than necessary.

Mercifully, C and I are on similar pages when it comes to people staying over when we've got our own home. Because Nerd Nights are back-to-back, if someone lives way out in the boondocks and can't get a ride out and back, it's okay if they crash on a couch or something... as long as they're not just... how do I put it? Lazing around all day? Like, if they've got somewhere to go during the day, we're cool. And really? If someone is having an emergency and needs a place to stay, that's fine. But none of this shiftless couch-surfing.

Anyway, just fighting the Shoulds a bit today... have to remind myself that I'm still a good, worthwhile person even if I'm not actively "achieving" anything... and so are the shiftless couch-surfers. Even if they annoy me. :)

Aaaaaaand... I'll be back to studying this evening. It was a nice break, though. I felt as though my brain was about to melt down!

Guess I can't quite make it a full day of "nothing". The drive to be productive is too strong.

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