Super sickness

S thinks that it took coming in contact with 4 people who were sick to create a "super virus" that took him down. I was doing well on the staying healthy front... until S went down. Then I got super sick. Yesterday was spent in a haze of feverish sleep, achy muscles, and crazy dehydration. I feel better today, but I'm still under the weather. At least the fever is broken. (So much for my grandiose plans of cooking and packing and cleaning!)

It must have been a super virus, because it took C out, too. He started sniffling yesterday morning, and by the time he came home from work he was constantly blowing his nose. By bedtime he was in sweats, shivering with fever.

Today, before his fever went down, he wanted me to cuddle with him to keep him warm. I figure I've got an immunity to this thing now, and I was already in bed, so why not? He was in a lovey mood for sure. He kept rubbing my arm or my side, squeezing my hand, wrapping my arm around him, saying "I love you, lady."... but there was one thing that melted my heart.

"I loves you, lady."

"I loves you, too."

"I think I need two of me to love you as much as I should."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because you're worth it."

Yeah. I melted, pretty much. :) And then we drifted contentedly off into feverish sleeps. lol

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