Still battling...

Funny thing-- I decided to try pork, since I'm already apostatized and all, right?

Yeah, well, it doesn't sit too well with me. Bacon, either... though I love bacon so much more...

But really... It pretty much just makes me sick.

Touche, Jesus. Touche.

On another note, the meds are still kicking my butt, just when I thought they weren't...

Went to bed a little early, but I slept restlessly and woke at 5 a.m., unable to sleep again. Stupid gastrointestinal problems. (This was unrelated to my porcine adventures.) So I had some quality time with my colon, and was finally able to sleep again an hour later. (Interesting note-- this new med has a side effect of constipation. I was already struggling with that! So now it's so much worse... Meaning that I have to go the little old lady route and start taking Metamucil or something.)

After I fell asleep, I proceeded to sleep through my alarms, through my class, and through C getting up to get ready for work. I was out, man. You couldn't have pried me out of bed with a jackhammer. Okay, maybe with a jackhammer. But very little else!

I was able to get out and take a mile and a half walk yesterday, despite having some waves of dizziness and nausea, and I hadn't had the overwhelming urge to sleep in the middle of the day, or those crippling yawns, so I thought I was good, yeah?

Ah, today proved me wrong, on so many fronts. Still, it's not as terrible as it was when I first got on this med. It's getting better. And the joint pain seems to be receding, though I'm cautious of proclaiming myself whole too soon.

Anyway, I had some valuable time for introspection and Should battling because, yes, I felt guilty and lazy for missing class and for not being "okay" and for falling down on the job.

Yo, girl-- you've got a lot on your plate right now. No wonder you're stressed! It's okay. And it's okay to not be okay for a while. You're getting there, a little bit at a time. Now chill, okay? You're doing your best.

Damn straight I am!

Anyway, I used the rest of the afternoon pretty productively, I'd say... I went to my doctor and got her to sign off on some papers I need for the massage program, I got two vaccines, a urine drug test, some blood drawn for proof of two other vaccines, and I located the building for my TB test.

After that, I went on to get 102% on my A&P test that covered bone and muscle structures.

So, despite my "shortcomings" of the morning, I did pretty good today. Oh, and I did dishes and made the bed. And I ate. Twice. (Though this last one was a mistake... ate the pork. Bad idea.)

I'm working on the math that I missed this morning, and soon C will be home from work. We're going to discuss vaccines and our future children-- fun, fun!

Also, exciting developments on the home front! According to C's calculations, we should be ready to start looking for a house about the time I come back from vacation! :D

(WooHOO! I got 100% on my math homework!)

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