Wedding Progress... at last.

So I was getting really antsy about the wedding. It's basically 3 months away, and while I've done a fair bit of planning, I haven't been able to accomplish much of anything beyond invitations, finding an officiant, and purchasing that gorgeous green dress.

Then... I realized that, while I still love that dress and I'm super grateful that I bought it because I'm going to wear the living daylights out of that thing to Ren functions... it's not what I want to wear on my wedding day. I discovered, through introflection and a leave of absence from wedding blogs (including Offbeat Bride!), that I actually want the white dress. I do. So I'm going to be wearing Mom's wedding dress. (See, part of the issue was that, sure I could have chosen that option from the get-go, but it would have felt like I had to wear that dress, and I had no other choice. Now that I want to, I'm really excited about it!)

I was talking to Mom about my frustrations with the wedding planning, and how I feel so stalled and stymied. I've got all these plans that I'm ready to run with, but I don't have the finances to be able to run! She totally gets it, so she's been helping me work towards some of my goals while I'm here. Also, now that Peanut's gone, I feel like we actually have time to accomplish stuff towards the wedding. For instance, we finally tried on the dress tonight, though I've been here over a week already. It was the first time we had the time and energy to do it. And guess what? It fits like a glove. It really is lovely.

Last night, I ordered a few of the "little" major things-- the guestbook, the sealing wax and actual seal for our vow ceremony, the inflatable 20 sided dice for the reception, and the stamp for our favors. Today, Mom and I hit up some dollar stores looking for tiaras and crowns to "bring the bling" for our friend with cancer when we take our family portrait this year. The first store we hit was amazing, and I was able to score the linen-like tablecloths that I wanted so badly for a dollar apiece! I'd given up, because they're like 5 bucks a piece online, plus shipping and handling. We also got some stuff to make cupcake wrappers, some napkin rings, and some paper lanterns for decoration. (I offered to take care of it with my wedding funds, but Mom gifted all of the evening's purchases to me. Seriously, that woman just saved us like, a hundred dollars. I am so, soooo grateful.)

When we went to Hobby Lobby (which they don't have where I'm at, sadly), we were able to score half a dozen containers of translucent/iridescent beaded strings (at least 18 ft/container) for 60 percent off, because they were "Christmas decorations". Those I'll hang from the tree we'll be standing in front of, as well as in the ramada where the food will be. Perhaps we'll even use them on the trees behind the area where we'll be eating. We may still make the garlands of translucent origami stars, but if that fails we now have a backup. Whew. Also, we picked up the stamp pad that I need for the favor tags, something to stain the tags with (I was going to use tea, but this will be WAY less labor-intensive), mini cards and envelopes for the guest book as well as some scrapbooking flowers to scatter across the pages, large cardboard B and G letters to stand at the bride and groom's table settings (which I'll be painting), and the materials Mom needs to create our cake topper. There's a few more things, but you get the picture.

I think the hard part will be getting all this home without going over the weight limit on my luggage. The dress itself is pretty heavy, not to mention those beads... but Mom will have to ship me some of the decorations anyway. They are a bunch of paper poufs, balls, and garlands that she got for free from a friend, and they are heavy!

We had a great time hanging out and planning crafty things. After we finished running around, we came back home and ate, hung around on the couch, and watched a couple of movies. Oh, and tried on the dress, of course.

I had told C when I talked to him the other day that I was frustrated with the wedding, and trying my best to pare it down and keep it simple. I asked how he felt about eloping, and he responded with a patronizing, "You want your wedding, lady." I replied that no, I didn't really... so could we just cancel it? He said that not only would my family be upset, but that it was too late, because I'd already sent out invitations.

Darn. Right on both counts. Foiled again by logic!

Now I realize that I was just frustrated by not feeling productive or accomplishing anything toward my goal. I feel much better now. Much, much better. I finally feel like it's starting to come together... and I don't feel like I'm trying to pull it off on my own anymore, either, which is a blessed relief.

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