Stressful week

What a week it's been!

First finals, then a strong sickness, then scrambling to make ready for my big trip... not to mention the CPR class I had to take (after a night of terrible/very little sleep) and visiting Grampa in the hospital.

I couldn't figure out why I was so keyed up and nauseous last night, but then, as I traced my week, I realized that I was super stressed.

Thankfully, I got better sleep last night. I still wake up a lot (every hour, on the dot, it seems), but I was able to drift off quickly again.

I was able to pull it all together, so now I'm sitting in the airport, waiting for my connecting flight to the Midwest. I've got about an hour before the flight starts to board, and I wish that I could lie down and take a nap! But I'm afraid of people stealing my stuff, sadly...

I am glad I brought the walker. My legs are already starting to hurt.

But, hey, guess what? I'm officially certified in CPR for healthcare providers!

And Grampa was doing well. He should be getting out today. Thankfully, they didn't have to cut him all the way open. They just did an incision big enough for the surgeon to stick his hand in there, and a couple of other incisions for the camera and the robotic tool. He'll be down and out for a while, though. A colon suture is not a wound that you want to break open... talk about infection!

And now... to end on the cutest note I've ever seen... C showed me this video last night and I just lost it. Look at those eyes!

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