Rocking finals

Well, after much hard work and preparation.... I missed two questions on my A&P final. It's okay. They were questions that weren't on previous tests, so I would have had to have been studying ALL my notes from the semester to have caught them, since I didn't remember off the top of my head. 98% is not bad, and I finished the class with 801/800 points. Yay! My goal for that class was to finish with extra points, so... Mission Accomplished!

My math final is tomorrow, and I'm a little nervous... because I spent so much time studying for this other class, I have neglected to study math. That's what today is for. But it's not like I have to memorize definitions or anything... it's just working out problems, and I've already done the prep worksheet. I'm just going to go back over the worksheet and see how I worked out the problems.

I picked up my walker yesterday. The lady I bought it from was very sweet, but she said, "You look a little young to be needing a walker..." LOL! Yes, well...

I'm itching to get to work on blinging it out, but I know that I need to focus on studying first. Priorities, priorities... Once my math final is over, I can work on my walker and start packing for my trip home. I'm so excited!!

Anyway, I've settled on a name for the walker-- the Bling Chariot. It's gonna be freakin' sweet.

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