Well, drama averted, for the most part.

What had happened was that I was informed that I could not get on C's insurance because more than 31 days had passed since we got married. This is such a huge deal because I am getting kicked off of R's insurance once he and Mom are divorced, so I thought that I was left stranded with no insurance at all. Needless to say, I was slightly devastated.

C and I headed back down to human resources the next morning, though, and discovered that I CAN get on his insurance because I'm losing my previous coverage! I just have to wait until my other coverage is lost, so there may be a lapse of a day or two, but that's it. Relief is an understatement.

I've been dealing with the twitchies again, the ones that landed me in the ER last week, so that means that I've had to stop taking the only other med I was on for fibro. I'm hoping that I can stay stabilized until my doc's appointment in two weeks. The meds that I'm on to deal with the twitchies make me so tired and drugged, though, it's unreal. I don't like it, because I just can't not sleep, but I have to remind myself that it is just another aspect of my battle. It's just temporary, anyway. Just 4 more days of this stuff... I had this idea earlier that I was going to make coffee and then get some stuff done, like dishes and then mopping the floors (today is a SUPER low pain day!), but then I slept for several hours instead. Oops. lol.

I'm not taking my last dose of that stuff (three times a day. Three.) until bedtime, so that way I can be awake to spend time with C, unlike when I was sleeping off that Valium for days.

He's trying to figure out how to make our trip up north work, financially. His car battery died the other day, forcing him to spend another hundred dollars on a new one. That, combined with the fuel pump going out, has taken all of the money he had thought we could put towards our trip. I told J that we're coming no matter what, even if I have to put it all on my credit card, but I wonder... do I have enough room on my credit card? lol. It'll work out. It has to.

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